Why do you fill cracks with hot crack filler and others do not?

The proper way to seal cracks in your asphalt pavement is to use hot crack filler. Unfortunately, some contractors drag extra sealer over cracks giving the impression that the crack has been filled. While this allows them to offer a less expensive quote, it doesn’t resolve the problem. It will seal the crack temporarily however after a powerful hard rain, the crack will reappear. Simply put, the sealer is not meant to fill large cracks.

With Castle Driveway paving services, you’re benefiting from many years of technical and on-going research and development. Our sealer meets or exceeds all USAF, US DOT, FFA, ASTM and Federal Standards and specifications. You will always receive a free site consultation to address your concerns and a quote that will reflect the best course of action to maintain your asset. Castle Driveway proprietary sealcoating is superior, and exclusive, to our customers.