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Commercial Paving

Castle Driveway is a fully insured commercial driveway, parking lot asphalt paving, sealcoating contractor. We have been successfully serving businesses in Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT, supporting communities such as White Plains, Stamford and Greenwich for over 35 years. Our commercial services range from working with property managers and HOAs to beautify and maintain the driveways of townhouses and condos, to sealcoating and repair of shopping center parking lots.

Business parking lot paving and sealcoating

Fully-licensed and insured, and providing a 100% workmanship guarantee, Castle Driveway is the trusted choice for commercial property managers and owners who are looking to enhance and preserve their asphalt property investment.

A scheduled program of pavement maintenance beautifies and protects asphalt pavement for a fraction of the cost of overlaying with new asphalt. Left untreated asphalt will deteriorate due to moisture, cracks, ongoing wear and tear, engine oil spills, anti-freeze and even oxidation. A proper maintenance program that includes periodic sealcoating and crack filling will more than double the life our your asphalt pavement.

Complete Asphalt Maintenance Program

Preparing Your Site

We begin by trimming away vegetation. Lots are cleaned with a blower and wire brushes. Oil spots are cleaned and sealed with an oil spot primer.

Infrared Asphalt Repair

commercial pavingIdeal for year round repairs of divots left from dumpsters; potholes; improper seams and sunken utility cuts; etc., infrared heat softens asphalt pavement without burning off integral tar oils (which provide asphalt with flexibility). After a few minutes of heating, asphalt in the repair area can be raked and rolled back into place and additional hot mix can be added when needed resulting in a seamless, contiguous repair.

Hot Crack Filling

commercial pavingCracks are cleaned out with a heat lance and compressed air, or a router, then sealed with a commercial grade hot pour rubber crack sealant. A heavy-duty commercial grade rubberized sealer with sand aggregate is applied using brushes.

Asphalt Cut & Patch

Asphalt patches are saw-cut and the damaged material is removed. After the base is repaired with new base aggregate and compacted, the sides receive a tack coat. Then, new plant mix asphalt is added and compacted with a vibratory roller. A hot joint rubber sealant is added to the saw cuts and smoothed to the surface to make a watertight seal. We offer different forms of patching that will fit any customers’ need and budget, such as cut outs, skim patching and infrared patching. We can do all sizes of asphalt patching and repairs, large and small.


commercial pavingThe sealcoating process is a vital component of asphalt paving and maintenance.

After the borders are sealed by hand, a minimum of two coats of Commercial Grade Sealer are applied. This is applied using state of the art spray equipment.

Line Striping

commercial pavingLine striping is the final component in the pavement process.

After the sealant has dried, we carefully and skillfully add lines and arrows.

This final process ensures a professional, completed product.

Parking Lot Accessories

We also can apply a variety of accessories to enhance your professional property.

  • Wheel Stops
  • Speed Bumps
  • Signs (general parking, handicap, directional, etc.)
  • Cigarette and garbage receptacles

It’s always a pleasure working with Bill and the Castle Driveway crew. They were prompt, courteous, and very professional – and most importantly, they understood the business aspect of what we were trying to accomplish. We’ll definitely continue to work with them on our various projects throughout Westchester & Fairfield Counties.

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Return on Investment

The benefit of Castle Driveway’s Scheduled Maintenance Program is that we will help you save money on preventable, costly repairs and help your property stand out making it inviting to customers, guests and visitors.

When you choose Castle Driveway, you’re benefiting from many years of technical and on-going research and development. Our sealer meets or exceeds all USAF, US DOT, FFA, ASTM and Federal Standards and specifications.

As owner, I personally oversee every job, regardless of the crew size, and fully guarantee our workmanship.

Please contact me with any questions and to schedule your job.

Billy Jacobson, Jr.
President, Castle Driveway Corp