residential-01Using sealcoating and the sealcoating process creates a protective barrier over the asphalt that locks out harmful agents such as gasoline, oils, ultraviolet rays and water. Periodic maintenance of your driveway will drastically slow down its deterioration and extend its life. Long term, this will significantly reduce the cost of maintenance and enhance the look and value of your home.

Sealcoating is recommended for new pavement within the first 12 months, and should be re-applied every 2 -3 years to restore and maintain a “like new” appearance.

The sealcoating process is a vital component of asphalt paving and maintenance.

After the borders are sealed by hand, a minimum of two coats of Commercial Grade Sealer are applied. This is applied using state of the art spray equipment.

I contracted Bill Jacobson and Castle Driveway to make repairs, sealcoat and line stripe the parking lot of the Westchester Indoor Tennis Facility. He showed up on time, got the job done quickly and was very neat in the process. In fact, the work he did two years ago still looks good today!

Westchester Indoor Tennis, Hawthorne, NY

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