Commercial FAQs

How soon can you drive on commercial parking lots or a driveway after its been sealed?

Commercial parking lots can be driven onapproximately 48 hours after the job has been completed. Keeping in mind that the hotter and drier the day, the quicker the sealer dries.

Do we need to shut off the sprinkler system and for how long?

Since the sealcoating material is water-soluble, it will wash away when the sprinklers are turned on. With that said, it is best to shut off any water sprinkler system for a minimum of 24 hours prior to our doing the job and at least 48 hours upon completion.

Why do you fill cracks with hot crack filler and others do not?

The proper way to seal cracks in your asphalt pavement is to use hot crack filler. Unfortunately, some contractors drag extra sealer over cracks giving the impression that the crack has been filled. While this allows them to offer a less expensive quote, it doesn’t resolve the problem. It will seal the crack temporarily however after a powerful hard rain, the crack will reappear. Simply put, the sealer is not meant to fill large cracks.

On our commercial property why is it better to have two coats rather than one heavy coat?

Sealcoating material is water-based and the process is such that 20% of the water has to evaporate in order to have a good seal coat. If you have a heavier coat, it is more difficult for the sealer to dry properly, and quite often the sealer cracks before it dries giving it an “alligator” appearance.

Why does some sealcoating look very gray or have a gray tint?

When a freshly sealed parking lot or driveway has a gray tint to it this is usually an indication that the contractor inadvertently added more water than the specifications allow, which in turn watered down the compound. Sealant that is gray in nature will not last as long as expected.

Why do we need sand in the sealcoating process?

Sand is a manufacturer specified thickening agent needed to increase the grit in sealcoating material. There are some contractors out there who still use a product known as Gilsonite, which is extremely slippery as well as illegal. Reputable sealcoating contractors do not use this product, and are diligent in using manufacturer specified sand to ensure driveways have the necessary traction.

How soon after we have the new commercial parking log or driveway installed can we sealcoat it?

Industry standard is three to six months.

It’s always a pleasure working with Bill and the Castle Driveway crew. They were prompt, courteous, and very professional – and most importantly, they understood the business aspect of what we were trying to accomplish. We’ll definitely continue to work with them on our various projects throughout Westchester & Fairfield Counties.

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